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From the President

Leif Allred


May 2019

It’s not about the money—although about 90% of our club’s yearly funds comes from our participation at Pate Swap Meet.  Maybe “it costs money to make money!”  That’s closer.  We owe a debt and thanks to some key members of our club that make the three day event into six to set up and take it down.  Those of us who show up to see the sites and meet the people and drive trailered golf carts get the best out of the event.  Sincere gratitude for those who helped with this annual fundraiser.

Buyers were scooping up antique carousel horses (and other animals) in a feeding frenzy faster than they could be pulled out of the carnival trailer.  I hauled 10 of them for three buyers—one of which had two more while waiting for the rooster.  Turns out the ‘creepy cat with a fish in its mouth’ was bought by a woman who had a photo of her son on such a monstrosity and had been looking for one for over twenty years.  There’s a wonderment of things to experience at Pate Swap Meet.

Coming up quick is Texas Tour, which will require our teamwork to make it successful.  Your time and participation is greatly appreciated as a lot of planning goes into this event.

Leif Allred