From the President

Greg Herbert


August 2020

It has been an eventful month for our household. The bad news is that Christian contracted the COVID‐19 virus at work. He spent a couple of weeks quarantined to a bedroom and bathroom in our house. He had a few rough days and then the boredom of confinement. The good news is that he has fully recovered and the rest of us managed to get through it without getting the virus from him. Best news is that he and Shelby are engaged and planning a wedding for November 2021.

With continuous changes in the predictions and dynamics for the COVID‐19 pandemic, everyone needs to continue to be safe and healthy. A large percentage of our club members fall into various high‐risk categories. Due to specific restrictions and warnings from health officials, in‐person meetings are not a viable option. Our meeting on August 11th will be a virtual online meeting and I will be sending out details regarding access. What would Henry Ford and Ransom Olds think about online meetings to discuss antique cars?

Stay healthy and make wise decisions.

Greg Herbert, CTR-AACA President