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From the President

Leif Allred


June 2019

It has been a whirlwind spring kicking up an active summer.  The weather turned hot for us shade-tree mechanics!  Pate Swap Meet, then Texas Tour, and now Father’s Day Car Show.  These are our events that take the most planning, participation, and a lot of work.  Pate funds the club activities.  Then Texas Tour puts the vehicles to the reliability test.  It can also challenge how well we know our vehicles—and the passengers, navigators, and back-seat drivers.

I wish to extend a sincere gratitude for the Texas Tour committee chairs, registration and coordination focals, route and tour planners, hospitality room matrons, the silent auction managers, photography crew, the friends and family that helped, the YO Ranch Resort, and especially the generous donations received and trucked to Kerrville.  A multitude of hours and trips to Kerrville were logged to make Texas Tour successful and allowed a large donation to Fisher House in San Antonio.

Father’s Day Car Show gives us the opportunity to reach out to the community of antique vehicle lovers and invite them to join the Road Relics.  We’ll see trails of families following Dad wondering the aisles of antique cars and trucks.  This is quickly approaching.  But first, our long awaited trip to Hemi Hideout is on deck!  We look forward to seeing you on the mini-tour to Brookshire, at the next monthly meeting, then at the membership drive car show on Father’s Day.

Leif Allred