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Meet our Webmaster

Juan Barraza

Juan was born and raised in Laredo, TX. Tejano dancing was a formative feature of family gatherings through his childhood. He graduated from Cigarroa High School in Laredo & promptly took some advanced placement coursed at the local college. That fall, he moved to Austin, TX where he attended The University of Texas at Austin, he pursued a degree in Mathematics, French/Italian & Electrical/Computer Engineering.

He is currently the Central Texas Region AACA, Road Relics webmaster. He enjoys a good challenge as we was always competitive through out his life. He also teaches dance; his journey in dancing consists of Ballroom, Latin, Swing and Country Western.

His modo is:
“When you get a chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance!”

A man of diverse interests, Juan is also an antique car buff and enjoys programming languages, foreign languages and traveling.

If you do see him around, say hello, we would be glad to help with dancing or technology gadgets.