Staying Cool at the
Ice Cream Social

by Jennifer Solana

There’s nothing better than enjoying great company and eating ice cream in the 100° heat of a July afternoon in Dripping Springs. Thanks to the generosity of our host George Brunner, I was able to take a dip into some of the best parts of our automotive history by attending this event for the first time. Believe it or not, the draw wasn’t even the ice cream and drinks (OK, maybe a little)…it was the opportunity to experience something unique, a first class trip into the past with classic beauties like the 1927 Model T Depot Hack by Robert Norberg, or Vic Donnell‘s 1931 Auburn…and for those of us that also like the age of “Easy Rider” and “Viva Las Vegas” Just have to take a look at Alan Abbey’s 1956 Mercury. I know Elvis liked the Caddy’s but he still would have been proud to see a yard field of roadsters and convertibles that could bring a smile to anyone, regardless of the unmerciful heat.

While all the antique automobiles were eye-catching and incredibly well-maintained, glistening with pride in adoration, they were just the appetizer. It was the depth of distinctive museum like pieces in Mr. Brunner's warehouse that really mesmerized me. Walking into this huge air-conditioned gallery gave my eyes a clear view to the wall to wall solute of days gone by, with everything from classically tarnished license plates, gas pumps, street lights still illuminating the amber, garnet and emerald flashes of our past, I couldn’t help but to take a deep breath so I could just enjoy the moment.

As I wandered through this space of colorful and dynamic artifacts, I couldn’t help but notice the enthusiasm and camaraderie that comes with being a part of this amazing group of youthful car owners that take pride, not just in the work and effort that it takes to keep something so precious and vibrant alive, but who share a passion for history and more importantly, friendship. It goes beyond the membership, it’s helping each other find parts, towing when it’s needed, checking on each other’s homes when someone is out of town, visiting on birthdays or when someone isn’t feeling well, meeting for lunch or even a quick beer. It’s finding the common thread that isn’t so much about building out cars, but building out long lasting relationships. That was honestly the sweetest part of the experience for me and I thank you for letting me be part of it.