2018 CLC 60th Annual
Grand National

by Jay / Kay Rester

The 2018 Cadillac Grand National drew 547 members and guests from 37 states and 5 foreign countries.  The judging on the show field consisted of 120 cars; 1914 being the oldest.  The mission of the CLC is " to encourage the maintenance, preservation, and restoration of Cadillac and La Salle".

La Salle is not a familiar name to most people.  It was a lower-priced companion car to Cadillac from 1927 through 1940.  It helped Cadillac weather the Great Depression of the 1930's.  The first La Salle was designed by the first true automobile designer, Harley Earl.  Previously, cars were designed primarily around what engineers deemed necessary.  Harley Earl headed up GM Design until his retirement in 1958.  He was most famous for tailfins, chrome, and stainless on GM cars of the 1950's.

Road Relics members attending the GN were Wallace and Sue Graner, Bob and Ceale Kirkham, Tim Stuart, and Kay and Jay Rester.  The Graners won a first in class award, which they proudly displayed at our June meeting. Their winning car was their red Eldorado convertible.

The show-stopper was the 1955 Eldorado St. Moritz convertible, a reproduction from the 1955 GM Motorama traveling show.  It features pearl white paint, white ermine fur on front and back floors.  The seating is white leather and ermine.  Reportedly it is headed for a museum.

A Rodeo Dinner was held at the Embassy Suites featuring the fantastic Brian Black Band.  An added attraction was the two 2800- pound longhorn steers and armadillo races on the hotel lawn.

The 2019 Grand National will be held in June in Louisville, Kentucky.