Trailers, Boats and Antique Vehicles

by Jim Rankin

The Road Relics wasted no time in getting our 2020 activities underway. On Sunday, January 5, the club participated in this year's edition of the annual Austin Boat and Travel Trailer Show in the Austin Convention Center.

Thousands of spectators and potential buyers came to the show to see the latest array of boats, from small crafts for cruising the local lakes to seaworthy vessels with price tags of more than a half million dollars. Also on display were all the new travel trailers for 2020.

Many of the show's patrons found time to stop by the Road Relics exhibit to look at our cars and trucks, take photos, and ask myriad questions which we were more than happy to answer.

Many thanks to the ten club members who displayed their vehicles in the show: Alex Armendariz, Gary Baker, Doug Wenger, George Brunner, Jim Jack, John Robertson, Leif Allred, Rich Bassemir, Wayne Heikkila & Adriana Meyer‐ Alonzo and Jim & Lynda Rankin.

The show promoters were very pleased with our exhibit and have invited us back again next year.