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Awards & Christmas Part 2018

by Lizette Peter

Our car club welcomed the 2018 Christmas season with a wonderful party at the Oasis on Sunday evening, December 9th, 2018.

As the sun set on Lake Travis, we assembled in a private dining room.  Most of us trooped in carrying toys to donate to the Blue Santa effort.  Arrayed on the donation table were all manner of gift wishes a child might have for Christmas.  Examples include board games, a football, soccer ball, 4 or 5 Barbie or Disney character dolls, cuddly baby dolls and of course, a whole bunch of cars.

I'm told 63 members attended the party.  John Anderson, Juan Barraza and  Robert Norberg served as hosts for the evening.  And they did a grand job!

Most of us drove in from our various homes scattered around Austin.  But, it was a pleasure to see Lisa and Brandon Chaffin had driven in from Arkansas.  Brandon reported he had enjoyed his first semester in college although he had found the food VERY disappointing!

Our members sported all manner of holiday attire – several Santa hats, sparkly, glittery, and beaded sweaters and most remarkably, Vic wore a remarkable glitter “Rhinestone Car Boy” vest!  My personal favorite may have been the fedora hats worn by both Juan and Robert!  Fashion from another time.

Following a cocktail hour and appetizer buffet, Laura Pressley led us in prayer before dinner.

A fajita buffet was the main course feature.  Pork, chicken and beef were offered with all the relevant sides!  Very tasty meal!

Following dinner, Leif began the business part of our gathering.

The Executive Board membership was reviewed. The exiting board members were recognized and thanked for their service.

They follow:
Vice President, Wayne Heikkila
Treasurer, Dwayne Pufpaff
Secretary, Bob Ross
Director, John Anderson
Merchandise, Karen Ross

And the new leaders, taking the mantle of responsibility are:
Vice President, John Anderson
Treasurer, Adriana Meyer-Alonzo
Secretary, Laura Pressley
Merchandise, Adriana Meyer-Alonzo

Also serving on the board are George Brunner, Joe Peter (past President), Robert Norberg (Pate Director), Vic Donnell, Gary Baker, Wally Grainer and Rich Bessemer.

Leif noted this was a Board of “2” … 2 original founders, 2 new-to-serve, and 2 women.

An overview of club activities in 2018 was outlined.  Of note was having taken cars to three senior living centers to share with the residents....who were thrilled!  There were a number of fun mini-tours including Henly, Walburg, Bastrop, Burnet, LaGrange, and even a “ghost town” visit were all memorable outings.

Jan presented the 2018 participate awards with the assistance of Vic.

Adrianna received a one year award, her first

Barbara and Gary Baker and George Brunner received a 10-year award.

Members receiving a one year award follow:

Leif Allred, John Anderson, Juan Barraza, Ronnie Burk, JC Carter, Brandon and Lisa Chaffin, Vic and Jan Donnell, Wayne Heikkila, Robert Norberg, Joe Peter, Gary and Shery Potter, Duane Pufpaff, Jim and Linda Rankin, Bob and Karen Ross, DJ Stamp, Chester Toothman

Leif presented 7 Star Awards to the following members for exemplary service and support of the club.

Duane Pufpaff was awarded the first for having served as Treasurer for  5 years with diligence and integrity.  His efforts ensured the organization had fiscal stability during his tenure.

Ronnie Burk was awarded a Star award for the enthusiasm and drive she brought to the role of the Sunshine Committee Chairperson.

Juan Barraza was recognized as a Star of his role of the communications director of the club – spanning the award winning monthly newsletter and our website.

Jan Donnell was recognized for her unending dedication to the participation awards record keeping.  They have served as fair and unbiased measurement of the club participation.  And for that, she has earned a debt of gratitude.

Alice Marshall was awarded a Star for the leadership she provided on the leadership nomination committee.  In addition, Leif noted that Alice works to ensure new members feel welcome and included.

Jay Rester, a man who Leif noted, leads by example received a Star Award.  He served on the leadership nomination committee in a gentlemanly fashion.  And Leif also thanked Jay for fixing his messes!

And Leif presented the last Star Award to John Robertson.  John agreed to drive his car into downtown Austin on a weekday, in the middle of traffic, to support a club antique hobby promotion at a long term care facility.  And John did it with respect and regard for the residents, may of whom live well below the poverty level.

At this time the microphone passed from Leif to Vic.  Vic remarked that the following awards have existed since the inception of our club.  And they follow.

The Spirit Memorial/Participation Award was presented to Bob and Karen Ross.

The Annual Technical Achievement Award was presented to Joe Peter for his restoration and preservation of his 1937 Lincoln Zephyr.

Alan Abbe was awarded the “Keep the car on the road … although not preserved, but enjoy and drive his 1955 Mercury purchased on Ebay!  That is the spirit!

The last award was the ever popular “Screw-up Award” … three members were nominated.  Gary Potter, Wayne and Heikkila and Lisa Chaffin.  The party attendees voted and awarded it to Lisa who while leading a mini-tour went the wrong direction ---ending up in a rock quarry, instead of at the Martin Brothers Car Shop.  A mistake anyone can make!!

At this time, the microphone was handed to Robert Norberg to review Pate statistics.  Pate is the single fundraiser of the organization.

Over 500 hundred hours of service was expended by 31 members of the club in support of Pate.  This encompassed driving the golf carts and manning the volunteer hospitality tables.

George Brunner and Jan Donnell each served 30 hours.  In descending order, the following individual worked a number of hours at Pate:  Ken Rawlings (26 hrs), Vic Donnell (25), Leif Allred (23), Wayne Heikkila (22), Gary Baker (18), Sheri Potter, Duane Pufpaff, and Bob Ross (16), Chester Toothman (15), Greg Herbert, Edwin Justice, Pat Stamp (14), Juan Barraza (13), Rich Bessemer, DJ Stamp (12), John Anderson (11), Gary Potter, Karen Ross, Jim and Jean McMeans (8), Wendell Bell, Joe Peter (6), Brandon and Nathan Chaffin, Vern Hancock, J Kennedy (4), Alan Abbe and Lisa Chaffin (2).

Many thanks for the generosity and dedication to the club fundraiser.

At this time, Leif concluded the gathering, wished everyone the happiest of Holidays and all the best in the New Year.