Pate 2018
is in the history books!!

by DJ Stamp
DJ Skunk - PNG

The Road Relics were well represented with 30 hearty volunteers, including: Alan Abbe, Leif Allred, John Anderson, Gary Baker, Juan Barraza, Rich Bassemir, Wendell Bell, George Brunner, Brandon Chaffin, Lisa Chaffin, Nathan Chaffin, Jan Donnell, Vic Donnell, Vern Hancock, Wayne Heikkila, Greg Herbert, Edwin Justice, Jim Kennedy, Jay McMeans (Jim’s son) Jim McMeans, Robert Norberg, Joe Pete, Gary Potter, Sherry Potter (Hospitality), Duane Pufpaff, Ken Rawlings, Bob Ross, Karen Ross (Hospitality), DJ Stamp, Pat Stamp (Sales & Hospitality) & Chester Toothman. John, Robert, Juan & Ken all arrived on Monday & several more of us arrived on Tuesday. We had 3 RV’s set up with room for more so if you have an RV consider bringing it to Pate & stay a while. The club sales booth was set up on Tuesday & the hospitality area was set up on Wednesday. Not much happened on Wednesday due to rain. The rain caused a delay in filling up the swap meet spaces but they flooded in on Thursday & by the end of the day we had an active swap meet. Weather for the rest of the meet was ideal. The drivers were plenty busy & our cooks did a great job keeping everyone fed. Several members brought parts & items to sell & a lot of it found new homes so club sales were quite successful.

The Friday night pot luck was well attended & the food was good & plentiful. One interesting happening was the Texas & Southwest Cattle Raisers representative visited the swap meet with the sheriff & confiscated all of their signs (that they could find) that were for sale. There were a lot of sign dealers. The dealer who was set up behind our booth had 2 signs confiscated valued at over $2000 – He left on Friday after they paid him a visit. The Pate Association purchased 2 shipping containers that are stored on site so now we don’t have to leave the grounds to store the trailers & other supplies we use for the meet. We’re still on a learning cure on how to most efficiently utilize the containers but we should improve our methods over time. We had all of the trailers stored on Sunday morning & headed home. Rumor has it that next year Pate Swap Meet will officially end on Saturday. A pretty good idea since it’s probably 90% vacated on Sunday but the speedway still charges $5 parking. That could cause folks to get upset & probably blame the swap meet so a good move to end Saturday.

On a side note the Southwest Swap Meet will now be held at the Speedway in September.  A fun time & we hope to see y’all back next year & if you couldn’t make it please come & join in the fun!!!!