Pate 2019

by DJ Stamp
DJ Skunk - PNG

The 47th edition of the Pate Swap Meet is history. As always it was fun & took some turns we didn’t anticipate. I was late & Pat had to stay home due to gall bladder surgery on one of our dogs – Maci,  We normally arrive on Tuesday but after picking Maci up from the hospital on Monday I still had to work on the motorhome, then get it inspected, licensed & loaded. Add in some severe weather on Wednesday & I didn’t arrive until Thursday. Juan & Robert had an emergency arise which necessitated an early departure. Since Rob is our Pate rep he & Juan are always in charge of the cart, radios & work schedule. Jan Donnell did an admirable job in their absence.

Members & friends participating included Leif Allred,  John Anderson,  Barbara & Gary Baker, Juan Barraza, Dave Barrett, Rich Bassemir, George Brunner, Paul Dean, Jan & Vic Donnell, Wayne Heikkila, Greg Herbert, Jim McMeans, Robert Norberg, Clint Parr, Sherry & Gary Potter, Duane Pufpaff, Ken Rawlings, Karen & Bob Ross, D.J. & Audra Stamp, Chester Toothman & Dan Wolcott. It was a pleasant surprise to see Dave & Clint – seeing old friends makes these events meaningful.

I can only provide a limited perspective since virtually all of my time was either in the seat of a cart or in the club sales booth since Pat was not there.  She usually handles the sales of club members items. Audra did help in the booth on Saturday although we had to take down the shade due to high winds. I do know that George sold his Model T dry cleaners body this year. Several other members also sold items during the meet. Not everything sold is auto related. This year a circus trailer full of carousel animals showed up & I’m told sold all 62 animals. I know that I hauled a zebra for a lady. When she first brought the brass pole out to the cart I thought she had purchased a stripper’s pole – then they came out with the zebra – glad I kept my mouth shut. I hauled several loads for those folks. They were building a replica Texaco Station & were purchasing all sorts of Texaco equipment. They also purchased a prison toilet which, very efficiently, has a sink on top of the tank & of course, no seat ring. I also hauled a jet engine, heavy gas pumps & a pickup body(part of a load of pickup parts to be containerized & shipped to Australia). Since Wednesday was wet & curtailed early shopping, Thursday was more like Friday. The pace did not let up over the next 2 days. Sales at Pate 2019 were indeed brisk.

We did a lot of work but also had fun.  I was late to the Friday night pot luck because I had to haul(the pickup body) right up until 6 pm then had to high tail it to the RV to boil corn on the cob & make a casserole. I was working out of 2 RVs since our Toyota motorhome does not have an oven, just a microwave & stove. Audra & I arrived a little late & after entertaining myself listening to Gary Baker’s stomach growl we dug into the grub. There was plenty of food & I don’t think anyone went away hungry.

We did have a bit of a situation on Sunday morning when Ken Rawling’s blood pressure spiked. I went with him to the EMS ambulance & they checked him out for a long time. The EMT told me to keep a close eye on him & dial 911 if he got any worse so I stayed with him at his RV while the carts & trailers were put away. Ken had called his brother in law to come fetch him from Mineral Wells. After they got to the speedway it seems they were in a “you can’t get there from here” situation so Greg & I went to find them & lead them back to Ken, They all got home OK & Ken was going to go see the doctor. John Anderson & I went back together. I thought everything was fine when we stopped at the Flying J in Waco,  then John showed me the side window on his motorhome that had blown out. We went in & had something to eat & saw Vic & Jan had the same idea. Evidently Vic is having a problem with ear mites. Hope that clears up soon. After eating I cleared the broken glass from the window channel & slid the window forward so the screen & good window filled most of the void. The rest of the trip was uneventful & I’m sure we all spent a couple of days resting up.

See y’all next year, DJ